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How to choose the best soap for your face? Natural soap

Washing with soap is one of the ways to take care of your skin. Reviews on the use of facial soap are controversial.

On the one hand, we all hear stories about how "my grandmother washed her face only with laundry soap and had perfect skin until she was 98". On the other hand, in recent years there has been a strong opinion that washing your face with soap is harmful.

And where is the truth?

Can I wash my face with soap?

The natural environment of our skin is acidic. This creates an unfavorable environment for entering bacteria.

The main argument against the use of soap is the alkali in its composition.

So can you wash your face with soap? If possible.

But not with all the soap. Regular bar soap from the nearest supermarket is suitable for the hands, but can seriously damage the skin of the face. This soap contains a large amount of SLS or SLES (sodium lauryl sulfate, which gives a rich lather) and vegetable oil salts (most often sodium hydroxide).

Does your soap contain alkali and SLS? The answer is no!

Real soap cannot be made without caustic soda, but when caustic soda is mixed with vegetable oils and liquids in the early stages of soap production, saponification begins. At the end of the saponification, all the sodium hydroxide reacts with the oils to form a large soap.

Also, unlike "industrial soaps", cold saponification soap contains natural glycerin, which helps hydrate the skin and is formed during saponification.

What our soap is made of.

You can often find positive reviews about washing with soap, indicating that it only benefits the skin.

The secret lies in the fact that you need to know your skin type and choose the right natural soap that is perfectly suited to the cleansing function, but at the same time does not have a harmful effect on the skin.

What is the best soap for washing your face?

Especially for those who like to wash with aromatic tablets, Ja Bonita Fábrica produces a soap where the pH level is optimal. Washing with the "right" soap will not only not cause problems for your skin, but it will also save you a lot of problems.

Soaps with many oils (shea, jojoba, sweet almond, olive), beer soap will relieve excessive dryness.

Chamomile soap, orange or sea buckthorn soap, salt soap will help to deal with blackheads and inflammation.

Silk soap with silk protein and rosewood oil will tighten pores, lighten pigmentation, and smooth wrinkles.

Green tea soap perfectly hydrates and cleanses, restores the skin's water balance, has a delicate aroma and a slight whitening effect.

What are the benefits of these soaps? Due to its simple and light composition and its natural oils, the soap gently cleanses the surface of the skin without drying it out. It does not wash the skin "until it squeaks through." Along with dirt, it does not remove the protective layer of lipids, which prevents it from drying out: the soap is 100% natural.

What are the benefits of washing your face

with soap?


And in online stores, and in shopping centers, and even in the supermarket, you will find offers of facial soap, it is not difficult to find and it is not necessary to resort to specialized stores. Face soap is a popular product that offers a wide range of prices and properties and for different skin types.

Environmental friendliness

If you choose natural soaps with non-chemical ingredients, washing your face will also help you take care of the planet. It is important to look at both the composition and the origin of the natural ingredients that compose it. Ja Bonita Fábrica produces all soaps by hand and only from organic, natural and biodegradable ingredients.


Almost all natural soaps are recommended for the face, but they are also suitable for the rest of the body, hair and even shaving, which makes them extremely versatile products, ideal for saving space in your suitcase or closet.


Our facial soaps are made with natural ingredients and are the most successful and sought after.


Compared to other facial products such as cleansing gels, water or milk; Soaps, especially hard bars, are very long-lasting.

Specific treatment

Facial soaps not only effectively cleanse the skin of the face, most of them allow you to obtain additional effects, such as hydrating or removing stains, impurities, exfoliating effect ...

Easy to use

Most face soaps only require a little water to create a smooth, refreshing lather. For the best soap application, you don't need sponges, cotton wool, or brushes. At the time of removal, the comfort is also maximum: warm water and the face clean and without contamination, it only remains to dry and that's it.

It is recommended that you use a soap dish as your sole care product and that you always keep them dry, away from water and moisture when not in use.

Characteristics of our soap

Hypoallergenic: does not cause allergies. There are no preservatives, fragrances, dyes in our soaps. We use only natural dyes (sea buckthorn, clay) and essential oils.

Natural (organic): made from components of natural origin.

Sulfate-free - These substances dry out the skin and cause irritation.

Paraben Free: These ingredients can cause allergic reactions and malignant tumors.

Silicone-free, mineral oil-free: these components contribute to the clogging of skin pores and thus disrupt the natural exchange of air. As a result, the condition of the dermis worsens.

How should I use natural soap to clean my face?

We believe in a simple and effective cleansing for your skin that is achieved with natural soap and water.

Manual foaming is often the suggested method for cleansing the delicate skin of the face.

- Use warm water to create a creamy lather on your hands. If the water is too hot, the soap will create less suds. And your soap will eventually shrink faster. Hot water also dries out your skin.

- Make sure your hands are clean.

- Gently massage the foam onto your face in circular motions with your fingers.

- Make sure to avoid getting the soap in your eyes.

- Rinse with cold water and pat dry.

Sponges: A sponge can help remove dead cells and revitalize the skin. Gentle massage with a soft cloth or sponge can help keep facial skin smooth and clean.

- Rub the soap on a soft, clean and damp sponge to create a creamy lather.

- Apply to the face with a gentle massage with circular movements.

- Rinse with cold water and pat dry.

After washing, apply a toner, lotion, cream or, better, natural or essential vegetable oils (jojoba, avocado, sweet almond, argan or rosehip, etc.)

It is very possible to get healthy and beautiful skin by washing with soap. The main thing is to choose a high-quality product that is more suitable for you.

Everything that nature has given us ... I share it with you!

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