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Guide to mixing essential oils

When composing an essential oil composition, you can choose from the following list of essential oils the fragrances that you like the most and mix them together. The most optimal combination is a type of oil depending on the time it takes to evaporate. The maximum number of oils when creating aromatic compositions is five, that is, as mentioned above, one or two aromas of oils with high and medium volatility, plus one with low volatility.

When composing an aromatic blend of various essential oils, the choice of essential oils is based on the volatility compatibility of their components.

Before applying to the skin, they must be diluted in a greasy oil.

Table of essential oil combinations in the preparation of aromatic mixtures

(aromatic compositions).

Guía para mezclar aceites esenciales

To prepare an aromatic mixture, you must take 3 to 5 types of oils, namely:

- 3-4 drops of highly volatile oil;

- 3 drops of medium volatility oil;

- 3 drops with low volatility;

- 10 ml of base oil (approximately one tablespoon).

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