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Essential oils for academic and work success

About various aromas that stimulate the brain and how to use them.

That's it, summer is over, adults and children are forced to join the work rhythm. The loads gradually increase, the daylight hours decrease. It is becoming increasingly difficult to be alert and active.

Today we will tell you about essential oils that will help you at work, study and in other matters that require concentration of attention and good memorization of information. You can take advantage of its tonic properties so that inclusion in study and work is easy, and feelings of joy, lightness, confidence and good humor accompany you as long as necessary.

Essential oils will help you focus and memorize better, restore lightness and confidence in your own knowledge, and serve as an information anchor.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are volatile chemical components with specific molecular weights. The odor molecules are perceived and analyzed by the olfactory system, then electrical signals are generated, which are transmitted to the brain by the olfactory sensory neurons. Therefore, electrical signals modulate brain functions, including memory, emotions, and attention.

Scientists have studied the effect of fragrances on human activity and have found that rosemary, ylang-ylang, peppermint, and others are essential oils that tone a person's attention.

Essential oils to disperse the brain and stimulate its work.

Romero is a leader in this field. It's called like this: student oil. Rosemary improves memory, particularly long-term memory, when you need to memorize a large amount of information in a short time and keep it in your head for as long as possible.

To prepare for exams on a tight schedule, perfect! In addition, rosemary helps to better memorize, structure information, draw the correct conclusions, strengthens determination to achieve goals and willpower.

Grapefruit - stimulates the mental and creative powers.

Ylang-ylang - calms, instills optimism, activates mental activity.

Patchouli - moderately tones, stimulates creative activity. It gives courage, determination to a person.

Jasmine is a brain stimulant.

Verbena oil - eliminates chaos in thoughts, clears conscience.

Cinnamon - awakens the imagination, the brain game.

Orange - has a calming effect on the central nervous system during fatigue. The aroma of the oil improves mood, relieves anxiety, eliminates depression and improves visual acuity. Use this smell when your brain is tired, there is a fear that you will not have time to complete the work on time, but you still have to complete it.

Cedar - gives clarity to thoughts, eliminates nervousness.

Essential oils for study and work

Peppermint - awakens, relieves drowsiness, increases concentration, improves memory, relieves mental fatigue and quickly tones the brain.

Bergamot - several components of the essential oil affect the synthesis of dopamine, which is responsible for motivating and anticipating happiness. Therefore, it is customary to use bergamot and other citrus oils for liveliness in case of loss of strength, to improve general tone, as a quick aid in case of fatigue and lack of sleep.

Basil - calms and cleanses the mind, clarifies thoughts, reduces feelings of anxiety and fear, nervousness, helps with nervous tension and exhaustion, stress and mental fatigue, stimulates the brain, improves memory.

Structure thoughts and build self-confidence.

Sage - the oil from this plant has a calming and relaxing effect, but can cause a slight feeling of euphoria, stimulating the imagination and promoting productive creative work.

Lemon - promotes concentration, strengthens memory, increases the precision of mental work and increases its speed. Wormwood has the same properties.

Lavender - relieves nervous tension, helps to cope with panic attacks, feelings of anxiety and fear.

Lavender promotes better work performance, better attention and memory, and fewer mistakes at work.

Eucalyptus - helps invigorate, improves blood supply to the brain, increases intellectual abilities and concentration. Helps to adapt to unfavorable, uncomfortable circumstances, stressful situations. Eliminate internal fears, clamps, complexes, panic, doubts and the successful achievement of the goal. ⠀

Make your own essential oil blends:
  • Orange + cedar + lemongrass

  • Salvia officinalis + grapefruit + fir + mint

  • Lemon + rosemary + orange + grapefruit

Methods of using essential oils for work and training:
  • Aroma diffuser

  • Aroma lamp

  • Spray

  • Palm breath

  • Application to biologically active points.

In a home / office environment, you can turn on an aroma diffuser or turn on an aroma lamp: 2 drops for every 5m2 of the room.

Easy to prepare aromatic spray: 100ml of water + 7-10 drops of a mixture of essential oils. Shake and spray in the air.

Take your child to school?

Put 1-2 drops of the mixture on a handkerchief, and at school you will teach him to take 10 to 15 deep, even breaths with a handkerchief; This method is called cold inhalation.

Everything that nature has given us ... I share it with you!

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