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What are essential oils and how to use them?

Essential oil is a true gift of nature, which we obtain from flowers, seeds, roots, leaves, fruits, wood or vegetable resin with unique notes that, like music, have their own key. Usually, esters of different shades are combined in compositions.

Essential oils have an oily consistency, but they are not vegetable oils, which are a combination of fatty acids and glycerin, whereas essential oils do not have a greasy base. Esters do not contain fat or glycerin. Esters are a mixture of volatile substances and organic compounds of various types.

Essential oils are actively used in cosmetology to improve the quality of the skin, for medicinal purposes and for the prevention of various diseases. In addition, they are actively used to scent rooms, bathtubs, for aromatherapy and to improve mental and physical health and emotional state (to revitalize, calm, relax and improve).

Essential oils have a broad spectrum of biological activity. Some of them are antiseptic, others are antispasmodics, others regenerate cells, others facilitate or, on the contrary, excite the nervous system. At the same time, essential oils are powerful agents that can not only help, but also cause harm if the recommendations for use are not followed.

Each essential oil has its own special qualities, its advantages and disadvantages. For example, chamomile, lemon, bergamot, and thyme oils have powerful antibacterial properties. Warm & Tone: clary sage, cinnamon, nutmeg (used to massage biologically active points, which improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage), but instead cools mint and lavender. Ideal for relaxation: oregano, frankincense, rose, fir and sandalwood, as well as lemon balm and lemongrass are excellent stimulants.

Rose, pine, geranium, chamomile, myrrh and rosewood oil have powerful regenerative properties. These properties are very effective when oils are used in skin care. Just a few drops can be added to homemade masks or creams, and their effectiveness will increase several times.

Everything that nature has given us ... I share it with you!

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