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What to give on mother's day? Gifts for mothers

One of the most moving family holidays is approaching: Mother's Day 2021, which we will celebrate on May 2 in Spain and May 9 in other countries.

One of the warmest holidays in May is Mother's Day. The day that comes every year to congratulate moms who nurture us and constantly give us their smiles so that we can be kind and independent beings. Life without moms would be sad. No homemade Halloween costumes, mediocre birthday parties! All of our socks would be dirty and scattered or full of holes.

The heart of a mother is an inexhaustible source of miracles.

Pierre Jean Beranger

In a person's life, his mother occupies a special place.

Mommy. The closest and dearest person. Moms give a lot. They are underrated and often too exhausted to take a moment to take care of themselves.

Of course, on this day gifts such as attention, love and care are not so important, but we always want to do something special for her.

On the eve of the holidays, we are going through dozens of gift options. We would like our congratulations to give my mother sincere joy.

What to give mom?

How to please the closest person on Mother's Day and how to make sure that she likes surprise?

If you live nearby and can see your mother, you can bake her a cake or pie, pamper her with her favorite dish, give flowers or just spend an evening with a good movie with a cup of tea.

We know how much you love her mothers, we also love ours very much and we understand how important it is to make a party dedicated to the most beloved women in the world memorable. You don't need to look for anything else, we've already found everything you need, and you just have to choose what to give for Mother's Day: several non-trivial options to pamper Mom and make her feel truly like a Queen.

How to choose a gift for mom on Mother's Day?

Giving mother a bouquet of flowers

Flowers are already a cause for joy. Let mothers smile when they receive a bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day and especially if this bouquet is made of soap and handmade.

The flowers have a pleasant floral scent! They are beautiful!

It can be used as a decorative element or as a hand soap. We have compiled here for you a collection of the most popular soap flower bouquets, so you can choose the best one!

Delicado ramo de flores de jabón «Juicy Mix»

Imagine the pleasure the flowers will bring when delivered directly to your mother's home. You just need to call us and order a bouquet. And in the near future it will go to your beloved mother.

Ramo de amapolas rojas y margaritas de jabón «AMAPOLA»

Our soap flower bouquets never spoil because they are made of soap and can be cleaned under water - the perfect gift!

Deep sleep

Mom needs her restful sleep, and deep sleep is the phase where magic happens. On the eve of Mother's Day, give her a personalized "Do Not Disturb" door hanger, combined with a deep sleep essential oil, and let her fall into sweet dreams of lavender, rose, bergamot or patchouli until she decides to wake up. For sleep deprived moms, this is one of the best gifts she can give you.

Make a door hanger yourself, which will be even more appreciated by the mother.

Your best gift is me

Sometimes, we do not see near and dear people for a long time. The endless stream of urgent matters just takes your breath away. So this is the very reason to finally put off a series of worries and spend time with the people you love most: with your family, in particular with your mother. Organize a dinner together at home or in a restaurant, invite her mother at the last minute to surprise her. If the weather permits, you can have a picnic or a walk in the park. Have a night of memories with delicious tea, sweets, and watching videos and photos of your life. Imagine how many pleasant emotions will remain with everyone after that spiritual break.

Time friend

It's not that he doesn't want to spend time with you, but consider that he has prioritized family over friends for a long time.

Give him a chance to reconnect with his friends!

Maybe even vacate the house so she can invite them over. Give her a day to herself to do all the things she wants to do but can never do.

Health gifts

Health is the most important component of a happy and fulfilling life. Gifts destined to take care of her, a true manifestation of affection and love. Tell her that she is the best mom in the world with our wide selection of personalized cosmetic gifts for all moms.

The cult of beauty is close to almost all women, whatever her age, therefore, as a gift for mom there may be products for the care of the body, face and hair. In addition, natural cosmetics are more useful than store ones. For its preparation, preservatives are not used, but natural oils, herbs, seeds, flowers.

A fragrant and healthy vacation is the best reward for those we love immensely.

The gift must be special

Such an original version of a souvenir, with the help of which you can express your love in the best possible way, putting a piece of your soul in it, is a gift made by yourself. To do it yourself, of course, you must try. But the work and time invested will be worth it with the joy it brings to a loved one.

The handmade souvenir soap is a great and original gift for mom on Mother's Day.

Unas vacaciones fragantes y saludables son la mejor recompensa para aquellos a quienes amamos inmensamente.

How to make soap

Such a gift will surely find its practical application and can simply serve as an original decoration for the bathroom. No special skill or special abilities are required to do it. Enough precision and desire to please a loved one.

These original gifts can be made for mothers in our artisan soap and cosmetics master class, or you can give a certificate to your mother so that she can enjoy creating cosmetics for herself while having fun in our soap workshop. with hot coffee or aromatic Spanish wine.

Simple Pleasures and First Attention

Perhaps your mother already has all of the above, she knows everything in the world and she declares to you out loud that she does not need to give anything. But there is a holiday, there is a holiday, and there must be a gift. Make something with your own hands: bake a cake, create a photo collage or a congratulatory video. Most importantly, the gift must be from a pure heart, full of your love and gratitude.

Do not stop the flow of thoughts, think about what comes to mind when you think of your mother? What do you feel? Fill her gift with limitless love and warmth, and then all that she gives will be meaningful and valuable.

Complement the gift with a postcard or a nice bouquet of flowers. It is not often that we pamper them with such pleasant displays of attention, take advantage of this festive occasion.

Everything that nature has given us ... I share it with you!

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