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Natural oils for tanning. How to make an oil for before and after sunbathing?

Now in stores you can find all kinds of products for before / after sunbathing with different degrees of protection against harmful UV radiation and in different forms: gels, creams, emulsions, aerosols, etc.

Many creams have natural alternatives that are not only as effective but may be more beneficial for your skin.

Natural oils for tanning.

Find out what natural oils exist that protect the skin and make tanning safe

We are so used to trusting the manufacturer that we don't always look at the product label, and in fact many of these "useful" products contain no useful substances at all. We offer you to make your own protective cosmetics for the beach, from natural ingredients.

There are natural base oils and essential oils that will also help keep skin from burning and dehydration and provide a beautiful tan. In addition, thanks to their rich composition, these oils have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin: they soften, tighten and make it velvety to the touch.

Natural oils have many benefits

  • They create an even and smooth layer on the surface of the skin, which attracts ultraviolet light and thus causes an accelerated protective reaction of the skin, that is, a tan.

  • The fatty acids in the oils nourish and soften the skin, preventing dehydration.

  • Vitamins, which are rich in oils, protect against free radicals.

  • The oils are characterized by moderate water resistance.

Natural oils have a rich composition and many beneficial properties for the skin

  • Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9 fatty acids nourish the skin and promote the integrity of the hydrolipidic mantle.

  • Vitamins and trace elements provide antioxidant protection and skin regeneration.

  • The layer of lipids that oils form on the surface of the skin prevents water from evaporating.

But keep in mind that the oils will help protect your skin from the damaging effects of UV rays, but remember that natural tanning products have a much lower sun protection factor. Unlike the oil you choose, it can range from 3 to 15 UV units, which is sufficient for those with medium to dark skin types.

Tanning rules with natural remedies

Since the level of protection of natural products is lower, the first tanning sessions must be extremely careful. Limit sunbathing to 20 minutes. This will help avoid stress on the skin and give the body the time it needs to "prepare."

Tanning rules with natural remedies

Stay in the sun until 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m. During this time, the sun is less aggressive and the probability of getting burned is significantly reduced.

Natural oils can be divided into those that have a high protection factor, prevent burns, while maintaining the necessary level of hydration and activators of tanning oils, which help to acquire a beautiful skin tone.

Natural cosmetic oils that activate and enhance tanning

- Shea butter indicated for sensitive skin, it is quickly absorbed, creating a stable lipid film on the surface of the epidermis that protects against burns and dryness.

- Coconut oil has a slight cooling effect, making it good for tanning. In addition, this oil improves tanning, stimulates the production of pigment.

Coconut oil

- Avocado oil contains fatty acids related to the skin and vitamin A, easily absorbed, promotes skin regeneration.

Cosmetic oils with protective sunscreens

- Argan oil has a pronounced antioxidant effect, it is well absorbed and appreciated by owners of dry skin.

- Jojoba oil is a liquid wax, similar in composition to sebum, it quickly penetrates the epidermis without leaving a greasy film. It has regenerative properties.

- Avocado oil is perfect for those with dry and aging skin. Avocado oil has a sun protection factor of 10-16, provides a safe tan, prevents age spots and freckles.

- Extra Virgin olive oil can be used not only for tanning sessions, but also as a nourishing agent after showering, as it contains vitamins A and E, it perfectly softens and nourishes. Due to the high content of iodine, under the influence of UV rays, it gives the skin a soft golden tint with a shimmering effect.

Extra Virgin olive oil

- Wheat germ oil has an SPF 20. It hydrates the skin well, improves tanning, prevents burns and ensures an even tan. The oil also improves skin regeneration and promotes the healing of cracks and burns.

Cosmetic oils that soothe the skin after sunbathing

- Olive oil not only provides sun protection, but also has anticancer effects. Olive oil hydrates the skin well, making it more nourished and elastic.

- Sea buckthorn maintains the water balance of the cells, ensures the uniform synthesis of melanin, suitable for sensitive skin.

 Sea buckthorn

- Shea butter relieves irritation after exposure to UV rays, nourishes the skin with useful vitamins and microelements.

- Rosehip oil

- Grape seed oil

Essential oils to enhance tanning

- Neroli oil

- Green coffee oil

- Mandarin essential oil

- Carrot oil

- Lavender essential oil

Remember that essential oils are highly concentrated, they cannot be used in pure form and in large quantities, otherwise you can burn or pigment the skin. And some essential oils, which captivate with their aroma, should not be used at all before going to the beach. That's:

  • Citrus oils (lemon, orange, lime, grapefruit, bergamot);

  • clove oil;

  • citronella;

  • cinnamon.

Cosmetic oils can be used by absolutely everyone, but essential oils can cause allergies, so we recommend that you first drop a lot of oil on the inner surface of your hand and watch the reaction. The redness and irritation is an allergic reaction. Also, an individual intolerance to the aroma of the oil can speak of allergies.

Homemade oils for safe sunbathing

Tanning mixes

Recipe nº 1. Mix 40 ml of each coconut oil and shea butter, 20 of jojoba oil and add 5 drops of lavender essential oil.

Recipe nº 2. Mix 100 ml of any base oil with 30 drops of carrot oil.

After sun balm

Recipe nº 1. Take base oils in the following proportions: peach - 80%, wheat germ oil - 10%, jojoba oil - 10%, mix, add 4 drops of peppermint essential oil.

Recipe nº 2. For 100 ml of any base oil, use 2-3 ml of sea buckthorn oil. This mixture has emollient properties and sea buckthorn will give your skin a beautiful golden hue.

One of the main advantages of natural oil post-tan products is that they do not wash off, but rather absorb well, acting not only on the upper layers of the skin. It is worth applying homemade tanning products approximately 3 hours before going to the beach.

In recent years, natural tanning oils have become increasingly popular. And although, unlike specialized creams and lotions, they have a significantly lower sun protection factor, their use is more natural and effective.

Sunbathe wisely and enjoy the process, and then a beautiful tan won't keep you waiting!

Everything that nature has given us ... I share it with you!

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