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Handmade Orange Soap with Sea Buckthorn Oil - Entertaining, Helpful, Beautiful

Handmade soap is not a common personal hygiene item. This soap is made entirely by hand with natural ingredients and has many advantages that make handmade soap a decorative cosmetic agent. Each bar of soap is individual, exclusive and can be considered a wonderful gift or an opportunity to indulge yourself.

For lovers of everything ideal and unusual, I bring you another interesting soap.

All the beneficial properties that can only be found in soap are closely intertwined in it!

And the effect of hydration and regeneration of the skin, and the amazing and "tasty" aroma of fresh orange ...

Handmade orange soap with sweet orange essential oil enriched with natural sea buckthorn oil, turmeric and orange peel. The soap has a wonderful detergency and a delicious citrus scent. Saturate your skin with vitamins, making it soft, elastic and silky. It favors the exfoliation and hydration of the superficial layer of the skin. This soap will give you a gentle natural care, good mood and well-being.

If you like citrus aromas, you should buy the soap "Orange Soap" from Ja Bonita Fabrica and immerse yourself in the Naranjal de España.

What are the benefits of orange soap?

  • Orange soap is an excellent remedy to remove the layer of dead skin cells, improve blood circulation and open pores. And clean skin quickly absorbs the beneficial substances in the oils that make up soap and vitamins. The soap is ideal for treating dry, cracked and chapped skin. Gently polishes the skin and helps the formation of collagen. Recommended to soften hot and rough skin on hands, elbows and feet.

  • Citrus-scented orange peel soap is a good choice for your morning shower and daily hand care. It is a good antibacterial agent, soothes inflamed skin, perfectly cleanses the face and body from impurities, without drying out the skin. This soap normalizes the secretion of the sebaceous and sweat glands, brightens the skin and tightens the pores. Ideal for all skin types.

  • The citrus scent of the soap carries with it a particle of sunshine, removes sadness and anxiety, relieves fatigue and anxiety, improves mood and instills optimism.

  • Rich source of vitamin C, great antioxidant. It fights the aging of the skin and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Characteristics of the production of orange soap

A special technology allows you to create a multilayer noble living soap enriched with natural oils and additives. The manufacturing process saturates the soap with additional oxygen and helps preserve the unique scents and properties of each individual ingredient. The shape and composition of the soap allows you to use it for facial and body massages, as a gentle scrub and a nourishing cream.

The natural color of the soap comes from sea buckthorn oil, turmeric and orange peel. The elasticity of the skin increases, becomes elastic, toned. Sea buckthorn oil prevents the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Brightens the skin, protects, helps reduce the appearance of age spots, also helps to obtain a smooth and beautiful tan. Restores the skin after sunburn.

By buying natural orange soap, you get the living soul of sunny fruits, the natural fragrance of nature, the goodness and warmth of the Master's hands!

The soap contains only natural ingredients, there are no synthetic foaming agents: parabens, SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfat), silicones, artificial fragrances, chemical colorants and preservatives that are poisonous to our body and the environment.


  • Saponified fatty oils: Extra Virgin olive oil, coconut, castor, sea buckthorn

  • Natural essential oils: sweet orange

  • Orange peel

  • Turmeric powder

Properties of turmeric powder

  • Turmeric is a natural antiseptic.

  • This is a great exfoliator.

  • Poison ivy, eczema, and psoriasis.

  • Turmeric remedies for wrinkles.

  • Turmeric is good for lightening the skin.

Sweet orange essential oil cosmetic properties

  • Ideal for oily skin due to its astringent properties.

  • It is a natural energizer and invigorating mood.

  • Helps fight acne and improves skin.

  • It works as a natural antibacterial agent.

  • Increases circulation and reduces inflammation.

  • Improves complexion and reduces wrinkles.

  • Increase libido.

Sea buckthorn oil properties

  • Eliminate small wrinkles or expression lines.

  • Anti-inflammatory in skin processes.

  • Cell regenerator for the body.

  • Strong antioxidant, ideal for mature skin.

  • Moisturizing.

About the orange peel

Skin scrub. It also serves as an aesthetic solution for the skin. It helps to get rid of blackheads and pimples in addition to exfoliating the skin and, in addition, they do not appear again easily.

They remove the marks that appear from the sun and level the tone of your skin.

The landscapes of Spain abound in lemon, orange and mandarin trees. All these southern fruits are very popular. Citrus essential oils are a guarantee of excellent health, especially during periods of sun deficiency.

Even a small piece of Spain in the form of orange soap will create a unique atmosphere of comfort and warmth in your bathroom.

The natural handmade soap "Orange soap" can be a wonderful gift!

It is very nice to indulge your loved ones with a citrus-scented aromatic soap and natural orange oil. Believe me, such a gift will be extremely pleasant and will not leave anyone indifferent. No one will give such a gift and will not put it in a dark closet. Anyone will use such a gift with pleasure, benefit and warm memories of you.

Create a citrusy vibe with orange soap.

Everything that nature has given us ... I share it with you!

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